Effect of Curcuma longa L. extract as a natural antioxidant in soybean oil






ABSTRACT: This work aimed to evaluate the antioxidant potential of Curcuma longa L. extract in the oxidative stability of soybean oil. For this, the treatments Control (soybean oil), TBHQ100 (soybean oil with 100 mg of TBHQ/kg), Extract100 (soybean oil with 100 mg of β-carotene extract/kg) and TBHQ50+Extract50 soybean oil with 50 mg of TBHQ/kg of soybean oil + 50 mg of β-carotene extract/kg) were submitted to the accelerated oven test (60 ºC/20 days). The extract presented 51.17% antioxidant activity by the DPPH and 98.74 μM Trolox.g-1 by FRAP, in addition to 457.9 μg β-carotene.g-1. Although all treatments showed low values of peroxide index (0.55-0.65 meq.kg-1) at 20 days, Control presented greater oxidative degradation, 46.15 meq.kg-1. TBHQ100 and TBHQ50+Extract50 had the lowest values of p-anisidine. Even though TBHQ100 showed higher oxidative stability (8.25 h), TBHQ50+Extract50 (6.41 h) showed greater stability than Control (3.86 h). All treatments presented high concentrations of the γ-tocopherol isomer. The synthetic antioxidant has proved to be more efficient in preventing the oxidation reaction than the natural antioxidant since it has a high degree of purity. However, TBHQ50+Extract50 presented satisfactory results, being the second best treatment able to reduce the soybean oil alteration, allowing the application to reduce the concentration of the synthetic antioxidant.

KEYWORDS: Antioxidant activity, Carotenoids, Tocopherols.

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Larissa da Rocha dos Santos, São Paulo State University (UNESP)


Maria Paula Fortuna Clara, São Paulo State University (UNESP)


Carolina Médici Veronezi, São Paulo State University (UNESP)





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Santos, L. da R. dos, Clara, M. P. F., Veronezi, C. M., & Jorge, N. (2021). Effect of Curcuma longa L. extract as a natural antioxidant in soybean oil. Diversitas Journal, 6(2), 1966–1979. https://doi.org/10.17648/diversitas-journal-v6i2-1817